21 March 2010

Pity Me

Seing you now makes me sad.
Can't we just go back in time
and having things the way they used to be?

Love , Yana ♥

15 March 2010

Sroot Srooottt

Today started as the worst day of my student life. I got my test paper today. It’s really disappointed me. I got the lowest marks compared to my friends. I hate it when people said "it's gonna be ok" or "you'll definitely pass". How the f*cking heck do you know that it'll be alright? It's so easy for others to say that when in reality, there's no telling who'll pass and who'll fail. I’m not really in a good condition during the test week. Ah you know why, because of that bloke I’ve been wasting most of my time sleeping and harming myself. I was so regret now duh! I wish to be given second chance. I hope I can make it better during my second test and final. Move on and wake up yana!!!

Love , Yana ♥

11 March 2010

I Just.. Miss You

i obviously miss u this night
muhamad affif haziq bin mohd fuza

Love , Yana ♥

10 March 2010

Learning To Let Go

" walking down to a strip of sandy beach.
u pick up a handful of sand.
u hold it loosely at first.
until u clench ur fist as tightly as u can so u wont lose it.
but each and every grain slips between ur fingers,
and the harder  u grib,
the quicker it falls.
so learn to let go.. "

Love , Yana ♥

07 March 2010

Fesmel 2010

dah lame giler aku x join treasure hunt neh , tibe2 time fesmel ida ajak aku join . aku pon tgh busan plus jiwe kacau so aku pon join je larh . mule2 mmg malas giler sbb aku dala liat bgun pg. tp kuatkan semangat :P leen ida ecah byk kali gak lerw cal aku haha tp yg besh nye aku yg kejot wawa peh giler la haha !! (wawa first time aku bgun dulu dr kau) mmg penat gile dowh, naik turun bukit kowt ~ setiap kali check point mmg ktorg kecoh gile haha cian penjage check point tuh msti dorg tension !! haha :D ktorg dpt no6 tp unexpected tibe2 leh dpt kumpulan terbaik !!! (aku taw neh mesti shee yg rekemen) peh gile happy :) x sia2 bgun pg

Love , Yana ♥

04 March 2010

ICT Shah Alam


pak guard spoiled mood aku!
haaa kecoh betol
kene tahan kat pak guard sek2
pastu pak guard melati plak

Love , Yana ♥

Far Away

muhamad affif haziq bin mohd fuza

Love , Yana ♥

03 March 2010


exam dah habes
paper last macam har har harammm
so pergi bergumbira!
tengok muvie :)

Love , Yana ♥