31 July 2010

Saf 2010

this saf is unpredictable :
  • tarik tali is something that i never thought i will involved
  • we got two handball players who plays in state in our team gyeah :)
  • i got the best ever jersey in a green colour *ohh im a green froggy !
  • sport rec didnt won gold medal ?
  • clean-sheet siaaa *hidungkembang
  • training was freaking relaks this time
  • sad , hafiz not joining us this time :(

girl's team gambatte go-go

in line everybody , 1 2 3 and smileee

streching tarik nafas kuatkuat ye

boy's team horayy

aina , yana , kuncup , three power puff girls

Love , Yana ♥

07 July 2010


ohh, rindu lah

Love , Yana ♥

04 July 2010

Heading Back To Shah Alam

I spent my day just laying around in my room.
I lock myself there till 1630.
Then i go down stairs sitting on my lazy chair and surfing the net till 1830.
Im way too lazy to get up and move around.
I dont even took my lunch or dinner today.
Feel like wanna spend this last few hours just being at my home.

Im heading back to shah alam in 2 hours from now.
Im a bit weird today.
There's so many things are running through my mind.
Way way way too lot !

Love , Yana ♥