29 October 2010

Ps : Take Care

I've read a blog that my friend recommended me to read .
It's about a 16 years old cute girl losing his bf ,
and how lonely she's been living since his bf died in a car accident .
I'm glad to have you ,
and I cant even imagine if I'm in her shoes ohh-nope !
I'm afraid of losing man .
So please , drive safe and take a good care of your health .

Love , Yana ♥

28 October 2010

Should I Or Shouldn't I ?

I am considering to delete focus more on my TUMBLR rather than my blogspot.
What do u think guys ?

Love , Yana ♥

25 October 2010

Can You Make It , Kuncup ?

okeh , this is just a short post of mine . sebab konon2 nak study far lah kejap lagi hehe . i just wanted to said that im disappointed with my self . i have wasted my study week . nice examination schedule is not helping at all . and now im regret after i done badly my first paper . i want to get first class honoured when im graduate on july 2012 . i should score this sem since its the only way to cover up my CGPA . can i make it , friends ? still have 5 papers and i should MUST put all effort on it .

- fullstop -

im continue studying for discoming paper . wish me luck peeps !

Love , Yana ♥

18 October 2010

Have You Ever Think To Be Someone Else ?

i want to be my ex's current girlfriend , can ha ?
please cupid , make my wish come true .

sincerely by ,
desprete me .

Love , Yana ♥

05 October 2010

Gimme Strength

can anyone teach me how to make all people around me satisfied ?
i have try my best , im sorry for everything !

Love , Yana ♥

02 October 2010

Lets Talk About Careless Mistake !

okay . i know the title obviously cliche .
everyone make careless mistake , isn't it ?
but this one different , err i dont know whats the different actually just urghh !
especially during my exam .
it will effect my carry mark , indirectly my gred as well . *sobs
i was study for the whole 2 days before but still i do the mistakes.
benci giler weh . aku tak nampak item tuh .
padahal dah CLEARLY kot tulis kat situ , takde additional information pulak !
arh , down sangat !

some more , cincin blackcrow aku hilang tadi , bengang nyeee :(

Love , Yana ♥