16 March 2012

A New Adventure Await

Hello peoples. Two weeks of new semester had passed and 12 more weeks left. Sorry for the lack update. Like what I'd told you earlier, my new semester has started and Alhamdulillah it slowly under control now and became more stable after suffered for almost two weeks. Yelah, I don't get collage, I have a problem with my registration course, I got no transport and I didn't get my claim yet. Everything was sooo messed up back then @_@

I already met all my lecturers and so far so good except this one lecturer. I guess that I need to work hard for this semester cause I'm taking all those reading subjects. For your information, I have a problem in remembering facts -.-' Sounds its gonna be a tough semester for me this time kan? 

Put that nerdy glasses on and lets rock on bebeh!

Oh yeah, one more thing. Do you remember Wawa, a best friend of mine? We're not roomie anymore ;( I missed how we used to dry cleaning our clothes together and sitting on the gazebo while waiting. I'm gonna miss u so much. And you too. Yeah you. Its been a long time we don't contact each other after that weird conversation we had last time. Pray the best for you. Amin.

Love , Yana ♥ 

10 March 2012

Sweet Escape With Loves

Venue: Alamanda, Putrajaya
Actress: Liyana, Ashireen, Yasmin, Fatin
Time: 3pm - 4pm

Love , Yana ♥

09 March 2012

Eye Opener

I know this could be the most outdated post since I already start my new semester. A week ago to be precise. Well you know, been busy preparing for the new semester.

Yeah lets begin. After I done my internship, I worked as a part time customer sales at Menara Optometry. The place is just a few minutes from my house. Ahah, this is my first time working at spectacles shop. I am nervous I will mess up. How if people asked me about cataract? Glaucoma? I'm not even in the science stream and I don't wear spectacles. I have none knowledge about the eyes and spectacles. But Alhamdulillah, I get used with the work environment afterwards. I learned a lot. The optometrist and the colleague were always there to guide me :) It satisfy me when I can bring a smile to my customers face when they bought their spectacles.

One thing for sure, at the end of the day when I quit, I already feel attach to 'em and feels sad :( I'm gonna miss them so much.

Love , Yana ♥