30 November 2010

How's That ?

What is my passion ? Some people , it's basketball , or piano , or guitar . Passion to me is a thing we do when we're down to search for ourself again . I dont know what's mine . I like a lot of things , but I'm not sure if it's a passion or not .

All of us want everyone's life but ours . I want my friend's life . How I envy her . Stay there , I'm cominggg HAHAHA :D

Love , Yana ♥

29 November 2010

Hang Out

okeh , i just lack of idea to write since im on semester break
just like shireen said '' sem break only makes people senseless ''
so i would put the picture here rather than lots of writting

actually , we plan on midnite movie
badly , its FULL and we decide to karaoke

Love , Yana ♥ 

21 November 2010

Itchy Mood Is On

currently im so addicted with this tv series
i dont believe that i finished all the 30 episode in 3 days
gahhh im being crazy with these vampires thingy
btw , proudly said that im fall for the antogonis character in this series
ohh he's just like the man that i adore most duhh
good looking , impatient , stronger , humor ,ego , loving
how i wish to be ELENA right now (-_-'')

Love , Yana ♥

20 November 2010

Meet The New Me

i have deleted some of my previous post
i have changed my blogspot layout
i have changed some of my gadgets
i have changed most of the pictures

the reason is , im just having fun haha
remembering the past is a NO
i move on already , cool ha peeps ?

gyeahh !
hey , hello there
meet the new me *grinningggg

Love , Yana ♥