28 March 2014

Anda Tanya, Allah Jawab

Ketika kita mengeluh "Eee, aku penat sgt"
Allah menjawab "Tidakkah Kami menjadikan tidurmu sebagai istirehat"

Ketika kita mengeluh "Beratnye dugaan ini, tak sanggup rasanya aku"
Allah menjawab "Aku tidak membebani seseorang melainkan sesuai dengan kesanggupannya"

Ketika kita mengeluh "Serabotnya"
Allah menjawab "Hanya dengan mengingatiku, hati akan tenang"

Ketika kita mengeluh "Apa yang aku buat ini semua sia-sia"
Allah menjawab "Sesiapa yang mengerjakan kebaikan sebesar biji zarah sekalipun, nescaya ia akan melihat balasannya"

Ketika kita mengeluh "Tidak ada seorang pun mahu menolong aku"
Allah menjawab "Berdoalah (mintalah) kepada Aku, nescaya Aku kabulkan untukmu"

"Don't look a new task as a burden to ourself, look it as an opportunity to enhance our career development and self improvement" - Nakashima san saying that I need to bear in my mind.

Especially during this peak period.

I hope I can manage.

InshaAllah :)

Love , Yana ♥

31 January 2014

Yee Sang

Hello friends! Happy Chinese New Year for those who celebrate :) I am not really celebrate this festive but I do enjoy the holiday soooo much! Haha. So, last week, the whole department and I went for kessan dinner at Si Chuan Dou Hua Restaurant at Park Royal Hotel. This time the menu is a lil bit different from the last time I went, because this time they have special menu for Chinese New Year.

One of the most dish that captured my interest is Yee Sang. Well, I think most of the people out there kinda familiar with Yee Sang, however this is my first time, see it this Yee Sang being served in front of me. Live gittew hehe. I do some research, some call this dish Yusheng (means prosperity toss). This Yee Sang had fish served with carrots, red pepper, turnips, red pickle ginger, sun dried oranges, key lime leaves, chinese parsley, chilli, jellyfish, chopped peanuts, toasted sesame seeds, chinese shrimp cracker, laced with sauce using plum sauce, rice vinegar and sesame oil. So, can u imagine how is it taste? Hehehehehe. My colleague and I mixed all the ingredient together and toss while make a good wish as for prosperity, better life, become more successful, and guess what my wish? Get marry soon! Muahahaha! Gatal bak hang! :p

I really enjoyed the dinner! Too bad, that day I got a massive headache that I couldn't stay longer. I left out the last 3 dishes as I leave early. I heard they order rice cake too, umphh yummy! :D

Ps: Picture courtesy from Nalisha :)

Love , Yana ♥

18 January 2014

Roar 2014

It's better late then never.


I got the eye of the tiger
The fighter
Dancing through the fire
Cause I am a champion
And you gonna hear me roar
Louder, louder than a lion
Cause I am a champion
And you gonna hear me roar

I found this song so much inspiring
Don't you agree with me?

Buckle up your safety belts.
New adventures await.

P/s: Cute tak new looks blog kite? Hewhew

Love , Yana ♥