29 December 2012

So Hard


Hmmm. That's just one of the million things lacking from my life. Appreciation. Like, seriously. I am not asking for a big show or a bouquet of flowers to show your appreciation for what I have done. Like, really, none of that. I am not that materialistic. A simple 'Thank you' is more than enough, and I am not making this up. A sincere, honest, straight-from-the-heart 'Thanks' really would made my day much much brighter.


Sometimes, its just too much to handle. So, I'd try to achieve and meet up with everyone's expectations. The problem is,  their expectations never seem to stop, at all. Then what? What if I spend all my life trying to please everyone so that they will finally accept me and not comment what I do not have? Even so, not everyone would be pleased.

*LONG sigh.

Love , Yana ♥

19 December 2012

Muse To My Ear

Keep repeating this song lately.

And this.

What the heck?! Haha since when I am listening to those?
So not me.

Love , Yana ♥

01 December 2012

Bernard Chauly

I don't believe I just google about Bernard Chauly. And guess what, what a cute face he had lol. The man was born in Taiping and went to USM majoring in film and performing arts during his third year. Well, his film never disappointed me. At least not for now hehe.

His latest film, Istanbul Aku Datang was awesome. Lisa was super cute omg! You guys should watch. Highly recommended weyh! Best gilaaaaaa! I feels like I am at Istanbul while watching haha. Lagu pun semua best. Actually, the story line basically simple but the way he directed the film is super cute haha. All the cute stuff ohhhhhhhh I am so in love! Haha. Pisau Cukur and Gol & Gincu also directed by Bernard Chauly. And best jugakkkkkk! Ohh! I want more :)

Love , Yana ♥

18 November 2012

Robe Taking Session

Just the beginning. The rest will be update. Soon.
Happy convocation day to myself. And friends hehe.

Picture courtesy to Siti Rubieah :)

Love , Yana ♥

25 October 2012


Kenak tak Halliwell's sisters? Pena dengar pasal worklock? Whitelighters? Angle? The Elders? Avatar? Cupid?

Baru je lepas habes tengok Charmed semalam. Ohh best tak menyesal simpan cerita 60g tu dalam external. Oh yeah, thanks Yana sebab download kan Charmed. For the record, aku berjaya habeskan season 4&5 dalam mase seminggu je haha. Sebab part Cole dengan Pheobe. Haha best gila kot! And of course, between the sisters paling suka character Pheobe haha nak2 lagi mase die potong rambot macam laki tu phew cool gila! But I do love when Paige talking. Die macam ade style, macam ade gaya haha. And she's pretty too! Starting season8 tu macam boring sket sbb dah tukar wajah kan tp tengah2 tu da best balik hehe. Ohh I'm gonna missed 'em :')

Love , Yana ♥

08 October 2012

Meet My Boyfie

Hello October. Hello friends. And hello boyfriend *giggles*

I miss you so much. I keep dreaming about you all night (way to exaggerate). I even put a picture of you at my wallpaper. I am so crazy about you.

Well I never missed to update about you. Curious much?

There we go! My sweet-charming-cool-handsome boyfriend is on his way to meet me *happy face*

I told ya, he is capable of making peoples melt. 

Oh yeah, I am dying to watch this series too. Oh October, you make me alive. Again. LOL.

Love , Yana ♥

01 September 2012

#2 The Surprise

The best award ever. I never expected this. Thank you Dr Roy :)

Love , Yana ♥

23 August 2012

Suckey-ish Feelings

What's hurt more
when you wake up in the morning
and looking for your hand-phone beside you
but it's not there.
I miss my white sgs2.
I feel hardly to breath
when I wake up at the morning. 


Love , Yana ♥

11 August 2012


Ohoo oo

Love , Yana ♥

02 August 2012

#1 Sepuluh Ribu

Sape yang taknak sepuluh ribu?
Habaq mai kat aku.

Harga sepuluh ribu ni sepuluh ribu pun aku sanggup beli sebab kau akan jumpe sepuluh ribu perkataan yang berbeza dalam sepuluh ribu ni. Dan ade penulis handsome #eh?


Heard much about this book?
10 short story from 10 writer who express their imagination into words
Please don't ask me where they get the tittle.
Simple word and unique story (eventho some of the story is quite challenging to understand haha)
You guys should buy and read, highly recommended from me.

Actually I am not really into this 'bookworm' thingy
Akak bought me 2 novels,
Wawa lend me her sister's novel,
I bought myself 2 novels from my fav author (Dorothy Koomson)
But I'm not done reading none of these books. Yet.
I. Just. Not. Into. Reading.
So, why do I decide to bought this book?
You tell me? :P

Interested much? Contact Adi Wafi to get the details :)

Love , Yana ♥

20 July 2012

Ramadhan Al-Mubarak

For real?


Woah, time flies right.
It's like mid year already! Fuh. 
Anyways, to all Muslims, Happy Fasting Day.
May this Ramadhan be the best one yet, insyaAllah.
Dahulukan yang wajib dan tingkatkan yang sunnah.

Oh yeah, one more!
Jangan lupa niat puasa okay kawan2?
Go for terawih, its only once a year!
And, jangan membazir :)

Haha okay I should put few more instead of one more :P

Love , Yana ♥

19 July 2012

Good Life Ey?

Been ditching again this blog for a while. 
Looks? Its spidey in here.
I told you before, final semester was tough.


I've decided to starts back the blog's engine.
Do the talking here.
I'm gonna share sweetest moment during my final semester.
I've prepared 10 interesting post with pictures update!!
Sounds artis ey? LOL :P
So please, stay tune for more updates
Soon, I promise hehe!

Love , Yana ♥

18 June 2012


Terlalu banyak yang ingin aku coretkan.
Terlalu sedikit masa yang dapat ku luangkan.
Terlalu banyak yang terjadi ketika ini.
Terlalu sedikit yang mampu aku ambil iktibar.
Terlalu banyak wajah2 yang bermain di minda.
Terlalu sedikit yang hadir sebenarnya.
Terlalu banyak memikirkan duniawi.
Terlalu sedikit persiapan ketika ini.
Terlalu banyak, terlalu sedikit.

Love , Yana ♥

12 June 2012

Kamu Tahu Tak?

Pretty Little Liars Season 3 dah tayang since 6 Jun aritu?
Saya dan Daa (Nuur Syuhada Zainal, classmate 3 semester berturut) suka cerita ini?
Dan sekarang saya sedang menaip sambil berbaring. Erk? :O

Love , Yana ♥

29 May 2012

On Your Mark, Get Set, GO!

Hawlow peoples. It almost a month since my last post hihi. So, the final exam schedule had been released and here it is:

Approximately, 3 weeks! Haa bloody ha! Yes, I must go panic right now -__-

Love , Yana ♥

01 May 2012

Hectic Week Is About To Start Again

I personally find that final year is totally torturous :( I know sighing is bad but I can't help it. I was lost from the start, everything messed up and I can't cope with sucha tricky workload. Ouch what a pity creature I am. *facepalm*

Maybe I am not doing my best or maybe I am just not good in this.

Try hard Kuncup. You. Have. To.

Honestly, I don't think you know how bad words can harm a broken soul.

Love , Yana ♥

29 April 2012

Don't You Remember?

I don't know why this song keep playing in my head. Maybe because I keep repeating this song in my mp3 list. I want you to remember how much I remember you but I wonder either you remember me or not so it makes me sad when I remember you cause I know that u never remember me at all. Remember much huh?

Don't you remember
The reason you loved me before
Baby, please remember me once more

Love , Yana ♥

25 April 2012

Good and Bad Friend

"A good friend and a bad friend are like a perfume-seller and a blacksmith. The perfume-seller might give you some perfume as a gift or you might buy some from him or at least you might smell its fragrance. As for the blacksmith, he might singe your clothes and at the very least you will breath in the fumes of the furnace" (Sahih al-Bukhari and Muslim)

- Sharing by a very good friend of mine. A little advice form her's mum.

Love , Yana ♥

23 April 2012

Tight Your Shoes

Because I am on semester break right now, so I intend to write a lot haha. This time is about what I want to do before I get thirty (30)

1. Nak pergi umrah dengan kakak.
2. Holiday dekat oversea with future husband.
3. Own an apartment and preve! LOL
4. Successful workers with ACCA/Degree holder.
5. Get marry :P

I normally don't share my dreams with others. Consider you lucky today! Haha

Love , Yana ♥

22 April 2012

Save The World

The main reason why I post this because I found today was the hottest day I ever felt. Okay way too exaggerate, LOL. I have to canceled a date with mama since I don't think I could enjoy the shopping with this kind of weather. I prefer laying down on my favorite couch instead of berbasah ketiak kat luar. Just not me. Call me puteri lilin or menggediknya tak boleh tahan panas but this is me. I could have a very bad headache that you can't imagine how sick I'm gonna be :( I wonder, why the world became these hot? I can't imagine how its gonna be in the next 20 years? So peoples, I want u to come join me to save the world. Downsize your life, live simply and care about the planet and all its creatures. Or at least what you can do is:

Oh yeah, I just found out that one of my special friend is getting engage next Saturday. It was a shock for me but I am very happy for him. Haha, you guys make a cute couple. Please lah jemput I bile kahwin nanti XD Kalau tak jemput I kecik hati okies? 

Love , Yana ♥

05 April 2012

Memorable April

A short one.

1. I almost lost my Samsung Galaxy SII.
2. I already get my new jersey. Thanks to you.
3. I finished my 7th presentation today.
4. I get wet cause of the pipe leak.
5. I am currently preparing for my common test next week.

Oh btw this is my test's schedule. In case you just wanna know :P


Love , Yana ♥

16 March 2012

A New Adventure Await

Hello peoples. Two weeks of new semester had passed and 12 more weeks left. Sorry for the lack update. Like what I'd told you earlier, my new semester has started and Alhamdulillah it slowly under control now and became more stable after suffered for almost two weeks. Yelah, I don't get collage, I have a problem with my registration course, I got no transport and I didn't get my claim yet. Everything was sooo messed up back then @_@

I already met all my lecturers and so far so good except this one lecturer. I guess that I need to work hard for this semester cause I'm taking all those reading subjects. For your information, I have a problem in remembering facts -.-' Sounds its gonna be a tough semester for me this time kan? 

Put that nerdy glasses on and lets rock on bebeh!

Oh yeah, one more thing. Do you remember Wawa, a best friend of mine? We're not roomie anymore ;( I missed how we used to dry cleaning our clothes together and sitting on the gazebo while waiting. I'm gonna miss u so much. And you too. Yeah you. Its been a long time we don't contact each other after that weird conversation we had last time. Pray the best for you. Amin.

Love , Yana ♥ 

10 March 2012

Sweet Escape With Loves

Venue: Alamanda, Putrajaya
Actress: Liyana, Ashireen, Yasmin, Fatin
Time: 3pm - 4pm

Love , Yana ♥

09 March 2012

Eye Opener

I know this could be the most outdated post since I already start my new semester. A week ago to be precise. Well you know, been busy preparing for the new semester.

Yeah lets begin. After I done my internship, I worked as a part time customer sales at Menara Optometry. The place is just a few minutes from my house. Ahah, this is my first time working at spectacles shop. I am nervous I will mess up. How if people asked me about cataract? Glaucoma? I'm not even in the science stream and I don't wear spectacles. I have none knowledge about the eyes and spectacles. But Alhamdulillah, I get used with the work environment afterwards. I learned a lot. The optometrist and the colleague were always there to guide me :) It satisfy me when I can bring a smile to my customers face when they bought their spectacles.

One thing for sure, at the end of the day when I quit, I already feel attach to 'em and feels sad :( I'm gonna miss them so much.

Love , Yana ♥

19 February 2012

Hit The Mic

Did I lose my love to someone better?

Love , Yana ♥

30 January 2012

So-Called My Talk

I'm in need of help.

Do you have any idea how I feel right now? Have you ever feel like you've trusted someone so hard but he ended up bragging your details to everyone? Okay, way to exaggerate. Maybe not everyone but a close friend of mine? That's hurt more. How you expect me to react? You said that I am your best friend but I don't even feel like one except more like an option when you need something. It must have looked so stupid to trust him again, but what if he's the only person you could be yourself with? It does seems irrational, trusting him over and over again. Sheesh.

So, who is to blame?
Myself? Yes, maybe.
The one that I trusted? Perhaps.
My other half? No. I don't think so.

But seriously, I never would expect you to do this. Well maybe it doesn't look like a big deal for you but it is for me. I know I have no right to told you what you should and shouldn't do. I thought that we could be more close when you here but it the opposite I guess. I am sorry if I act beyond our friendship. I just wish you happy and don't do what you've done to me to the others.

Well, thanks a lot. You really make my day.

Love , Yana ♥

25 January 2012

Help Me Out People


You guys must help me!
Email/ tweet/ whatsup/ text me if you see this ring
I want it so badly :')

Love , Yana ♥

13 January 2012

Write But Never Send

I miss you
I miss how close we used to be
I miss how much we used to talk
I miss how much you used to care
I miss how much I used to see you
And how much time we used to spend together 
But I guess it doesn't matter to you anymore

Love , Yana ♥

02 January 2012

New Hopes, New Dreams

Hellooooo peeps! *wave excitedly* 

I am turning 23 this year. I repeat twenty-three (23). Yess dah tua haha. So, welcome new year. Another new year for us to explore and treasure. 2012, please be nice okay? *giggles* This year gonna be my final year as a student. Horey! Unless if I decide to further my studies (which I think that I don't haha) professionally. Howell, like every other years, there was ups and downs in 2011. But still, I am grateful cause I am still breathing up until today, Alhamdulillah. And those are what I looking forward in 2012:

And lots more interesting things to come this year. I am gonna pray hard for that. So how about you guys? All the best :) XOXO

Love , Yana ♥