22 April 2013

Bbq's at Ulu Yam

Cam-whoring together right after we arrived at Ulu Yam. 

The menu's for that day: chicken, beef, shell, corn, watermelon, honeydew, nasi lemak (cooked by Epul), chocolate cake, nuggets, mash potato

 Presenting, the birthday girl with eggs and her assistant with sour-mash potato :(

Before back home, another cam-whoring. Till we meet again. Much love :')

Love , Yana ♥

15 April 2013

Pulau Pangkor

On our way to reach Pangkor. Don't drive with empty stomach :P

At the jetty.

Finally, here at Pangkor. Look at those happy faces *big grin* :D

The next day :) 

Why am I holding the pelampung even I am at the water's edge? -_-"

Check out from the Hornbill's Resort.

My retarded-awesome-cam whoring partner in crime haha! Good bye Pangkor :') 

Love , Yana ♥