25 October 2012


Kenak tak Halliwell's sisters? Pena dengar pasal worklock? Whitelighters? Angle? The Elders? Avatar? Cupid?

Baru je lepas habes tengok Charmed semalam. Ohh best tak menyesal simpan cerita 60g tu dalam external. Oh yeah, thanks Yana sebab download kan Charmed. For the record, aku berjaya habeskan season 4&5 dalam mase seminggu je haha. Sebab part Cole dengan Pheobe. Haha best gila kot! And of course, between the sisters paling suka character Pheobe haha nak2 lagi mase die potong rambot macam laki tu phew cool gila! But I do love when Paige talking. Die macam ade style, macam ade gaya haha. And she's pretty too! Starting season8 tu macam boring sket sbb dah tukar wajah kan tp tengah2 tu da best balik hehe. Ohh I'm gonna missed 'em :')

Love , Yana ♥

08 October 2012

Meet My Boyfie

Hello October. Hello friends. And hello boyfriend *giggles*

I miss you so much. I keep dreaming about you all night (way to exaggerate). I even put a picture of you at my wallpaper. I am so crazy about you.

Well I never missed to update about you. Curious much?

There we go! My sweet-charming-cool-handsome boyfriend is on his way to meet me *happy face*

I told ya, he is capable of making peoples melt. 

Oh yeah, I am dying to watch this series too. Oh October, you make me alive. Again. LOL.

Love , Yana ♥