18 February 2010

A Story Telling

mood: melayan perasaan *gewdix kan aku?

yeah everyone knows that i love quotes damn much! but right now i wanna tell u guys stories.. actually i got it from kayrol (once again) haha i didnt expect a guy like him use to have the same interest with me hoho.. :D

girl: ur new gf is pretty (i bet she's stole ur heart)
boy: yeah.. she is (but u're still the most beautiful girl that i know)
girl: i heard she's funny and amazing (all the stuff i was not)
boy: sure.. she is (but she's nothing compared to u)
girl: i bet u know everything about her by now (like u knew just everything about me)
boy: only the stuff that count (i cant remember the things she says when i think about u)
girl: well.. i hope u guys last (cause we never did)
boy: i hope we do (what happen to me and u)
girl: yeah.. i have to go (before i start to cry)
boy: yeah.. me too (i hope u dont cry)
girl: bye (still love u)
boy: later (i never stop)

physic: why did u die?
ghost: i was crashed by a car when i'm using to save someone's life
physic: why do u do that?
ghost: i dont want someone that i love being hurt
physic: sure u really love that girl so much because u sacrifice ur self to save her! she must be sad right now because u're dead
ghost: no.. she's very happy because the one i saved is the man that she love

a guy had a crush on this girl. he follows her wherever she goes. one day, the girl notice and asked the guy
girl: why do u keep on following me?
boy: because u're so pretty and i think i'm falling in love with u
girl: really? but u have not meet my friends yet, she's prettier than me and she's right behind u
the guy looked behind him but found no one..
boy: are u making fun of me? there's no one behind me
girl: no, if u really love me u wont look back

Love , Yana ♥


keyna said...

haha kecik kott tulisan ko..rabun ak..haha
tp mst ko jwb 'aku punye blog aku punya suka la..'haha gatal aku g tolong jwb kn..nges3x~
we~ aku pon suke benda2 mcm ni..jiwang~ hihi

Nur Liyana a.k.a. Kuncup said...

ouh keyna snow~
hahaha kecik ea tlsn kt blog akuh?
huhu cumil arh kck2 :P

haha ko ske gk ea?
alrite! aku akn sentiasa update berserta kesah2 yg lbey mnarik!
hahaha :D

leen said...

i like da 1 n 3 story r..

Nur Liyana a.k.a. Kuncup said...

i loveee all <3