20 May 2010

New Job

Hello people! I'm currently enjoying what we called the-after-final-exam-break and hey-that-was-my-last-final-exam-kinda thingy. Hopefully my result will turn out as good as I wish for. Crossing the finger now* hahaha. I have been looking for a job to fulfill my semester break this time. And here I am, working at EAST WEAR third floor at Bangi Utama shopping mall. Penah jugak shopping kt kedai ni, once, but dekat Shah Alam. All the stuff not really meet my interest but then keje jelah, nak cari duet hahaha.

First day, I already feel boring. With nothing to do, I just feel so helpless. Plus, I have to work for 10 hours, damn its quite a long time (government pon keje 8 jam). All that I can do is sitting around and reading MY BEST FRIEND'S GIRL. Ouh, boredom kills man, seriously! Customers came only few since the shop is not really big as at Shah Alam. Oh ya, not to forgot to state here, my friends at my workplace loveeee to make-up hahaha. They just like-wanna-die if they don't make-up! The most interesting part is, I have been forced to make-up just like them! Oh no, something that I never thought I will do hahaha.

Second day, Ekin was off and I'm just all alone. Susah jugak nak handle kedai ni sorang2. I'm new and I don't remember all the name's of the clothes and where to find it! Price? Huh don't even ask. Today, sales was good, maybe because I'm good in persuading people? HAHAHA (angkat bakul) but actually, it's hard to convince people to buy clothes that I dont even interested on it. I'm saying that I like those clothes and I wish to buy when I get money, dang! I'm totally lying!

Today was my third day. Everything was okay, nothing much. Not many customer came today, maybe because it was raining at the evening. Oh yeah, I came late today because I sleep late last night, chating and crapping with Izyan at facebook. I told Ekin that my car was broke! Hahahaha, jahat kan? :P At first, I'm not working well with Ekin, beselah mule2 mane nak masuk but Ekin was a nice girl anyway, even she's outspoken sometimes, but she actually caring person. :)

Tomorrow, work start at 11am. And now, to be exact its almost 3am and I'm not sleep yet. Ahh, didn't feel sleepy at all. Definately, 100% sure it's gonna be a long long longgg day for me tomorrow. Yawn all the way! Phew [-_-'']

Love , Yana ♥


keyna said...

hey! since lme giler xbukak blog..almost all aku bce..huhu btw..bkk sem t bley la pau kau kan?HaHa anyway..work hard okeis?!huhu

Nur Liyana a.k.a. Kuncup said...

wahhh :D
kau bab2 pau neh mmg num1 an ceit wakaka~

update your blogggg bebeh !!!