26 August 2010

Semak Samun

Oohh sangat semak blog saye neyh. Da lame giler tak update, finally today i got chance to update my bloggie. This is giving me high satisfaction. Hahaha. Well life is pretty hectic this past few weeks. Uni life as you all know need a 100% commitment. So yeah, I cant play around often enough, surfing the net world like I used to do.

Raya break is damn near lah, ohh cant wait to have two weeks of sweet escape (^^). But along the way, I need to suffer first. Test and quizzes are on the run. I dont even have enough sleep. 4 papers for 2 days are not okay for me. Horm ~

But, its okay for me as long as everything is well manage :)

Love , Yana ♥

1 comment:

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