19 September 2010

Beraye With Blackcrowrian's

There was slightly changes that us made this year . Instead of berbuka puase beramai-ramai like we used to do as for previous year , we meet up at sakinah's house during raya ke7 . Im a bit excited since I never been there before . Keluar rumah at 10 then waiting for izyan , sheriel and atiyah at kl central . After that , we move on to setiawangsa and wait for bella to pick up us . Tapi kau lambat sejam bella ohh *mane sundae kami ye bella (-_-'') . Lepas makan , borakborak , snap picta then atiyah's house turn pulak . Everyone looks tired already . Makan , transfer picta then everyones going home .

Love , Yana ♥

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