29 August 2011

Me The Chef


Helloooo semua. Syawal is coming soon. And as the only daughter stayed at home, I have made myself a chef by helped mama make a cake, kuih raya, rendang and opol. You guys know what is opol? It's a combination of potatoes, green beans, carrots and chickens. Some people called it olig or olik? Okay I dont know how to spell it right -.-' Enough that, I just wanna say that I really am tired. But still I'm in blogging mood just to show some pictures of my kuih raya this year. And of course semua tuh saya yang buat *self praise*

Okay it may not looks nice in picture but who cares? As long as it taste delicious *self defense* And, as a result in making those, I gained weight :( Gemok daaa. Actually, I am already fat, but getting fatter. I just love food, enjoy eating so much I just can't stop. Subhannallah.

Oh yeah, I got the new recipes of brownies form Izzah :) I'm going to try right after this!

Love , Yana ♥

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