04 November 2011

After A Long Time


Okay. That was a lousy starter. But, oh well. Lets begin. HELLO AGAIN. I've got spidey webs all over my blog since I haven't dropped by in months. Sorry deary bloggie. I'm sorry readers (if there are any, actually. I have my doubts. Hah.)

So, what happened?? Been busy. You know, busy wuzzy life. Works are so much harder compared to studies. Tonnes of workloads, due date, fussy clients and blablabla. Okay, enough that. It just one month left before I finish my internship. Well, that's a relief. 

I'm pretty sure I'm gonna miss all my awesome-est friends and staffs 

And of course the unforgettable moment together

We plan to have one superb vacation together on 26th. I just can't wait to look forward. Tambun, here we come to you, RAR!

I iz happy.
I iz finished writting.
I iz bye.

Love , Yana ♥


keyna said...

yeah! aku pon xsabar da nak pegi tambun. hee~

Kuncup Here said...

Haha same here! :')