22 April 2012

Save The World

The main reason why I post this because I found today was the hottest day I ever felt. Okay way too exaggerate, LOL. I have to canceled a date with mama since I don't think I could enjoy the shopping with this kind of weather. I prefer laying down on my favorite couch instead of berbasah ketiak kat luar. Just not me. Call me puteri lilin or menggediknya tak boleh tahan panas but this is me. I could have a very bad headache that you can't imagine how sick I'm gonna be :( I wonder, why the world became these hot? I can't imagine how its gonna be in the next 20 years? So peoples, I want u to come join me to save the world. Downsize your life, live simply and care about the planet and all its creatures. Or at least what you can do is:

Oh yeah, I just found out that one of my special friend is getting engage next Saturday. It was a shock for me but I am very happy for him. Haha, you guys make a cute couple. Please lah jemput I bile kahwin nanti XD Kalau tak jemput I kecik hati okies? 

Love , Yana ♥

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