02 August 2012

#1 Sepuluh Ribu

Sape yang taknak sepuluh ribu?
Habaq mai kat aku.

Harga sepuluh ribu ni sepuluh ribu pun aku sanggup beli sebab kau akan jumpe sepuluh ribu perkataan yang berbeza dalam sepuluh ribu ni. Dan ade penulis handsome #eh?


Heard much about this book?
10 short story from 10 writer who express their imagination into words
Please don't ask me where they get the tittle.
Simple word and unique story (eventho some of the story is quite challenging to understand haha)
You guys should buy and read, highly recommended from me.

Actually I am not really into this 'bookworm' thingy
Akak bought me 2 novels,
Wawa lend me her sister's novel,
I bought myself 2 novels from my fav author (Dorothy Koomson)
But I'm not done reading none of these books. Yet.
I. Just. Not. Into. Reading.
So, why do I decide to bought this book?
You tell me? :P

Interested much? Contact Adi Wafi to get the details :)

Love , Yana ♥

1 comment:

farah hazwani said...

i think i know why did you decide to buy that book. hehe

*double jerk eyebrows*