01 December 2012

Bernard Chauly

I don't believe I just google about Bernard Chauly. And guess what, what a cute face he had lol. The man was born in Taiping and went to USM majoring in film and performing arts during his third year. Well, his film never disappointed me. At least not for now hehe.

His latest film, Istanbul Aku Datang was awesome. Lisa was super cute omg! You guys should watch. Highly recommended weyh! Best gilaaaaaa! I feels like I am at Istanbul while watching haha. Lagu pun semua best. Actually, the story line basically simple but the way he directed the film is super cute haha. All the cute stuff ohhhhhhhh I am so in love! Haha. Pisau Cukur and Gol & Gincu also directed by Bernard Chauly. And best jugakkkkkk! Ohh! I want more :)

Love , Yana ♥


Sheriel Aizan said...

His sister's name bernice chauly and she wrote 'growing up with ghost', a true story telling their family's curse, how did their parents meet and get married and how they were brought up during childhood. A really good reading recommendation to you cup! :D

Kuncup Here said...

Really? I didn't know her sister was a writer. I'll find the book later :D Mesti bestttttt! Ty for the info