17 January 2011

Bring Me Out Of The Curse

when it comes to make a decision , it always hard for me . i've been through this a few times before . and i hate those kind of feelings which i can never concentrate on my daily routine and i make a lot of calls for asking some suggestion from the elders . i finished my credit rm10 for two days only for this practical thingy ! isn't that bad ? i've been through this once when i've to decide whether to further on my diploma in accountancy or matriculation at perak . i was so messy thinking about the best decision i should made . i do calls my senior and my teacher . too bad when i am so depending person because i will make a decision based on my friend's decision . the main reason because i'm fear to adopt new environment and taking a risk for the decision i've made . simple to say , i am a risk adverse person ! ohh :( if people look at me , i'm very sure they will like 100% unbelieved me since i look so independent and easy going person but the fact is i'am not , not at all . i would rather have limited choice rather than lots of choices which make me more confuse . please A , guide me to make this decision . sangat buntu :'(

Love , Yana ♥

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