04 January 2011

How Should I Start ?

yeah , everyone's expecting life campus is the most interesting and fun , but not me . i'm not sure why i'm making this statement . life becomes harder and i always failed to manage it well . i cant even imagine hows my life is going to be when i working in future . the best part of my life is during primary school . i do involve in every event that my school organize and its fun . i didn't have to study hard , stay up at late night but still i manage to get good result :) the second best part of my life is during secondary school , which i gain a lots of experience there . i have my own clan and they are the best friends i ever had . they always helping each other and i've learn so much from them . ohh i miss u guys like i really mean it :') currently i'm studying at uni and i found that life is sooo difficult and much different . i would never mention it in details because i've my own reason why not to do so and for the sake of everyone including me . every semester i wish it could be much better but conversely happen :(( i cant wait to live the next part of my life . and i really hope its better . i'll make sure i landed my goal precisely because i think i did not do that in my uni life and thats why things became like this .

Love , Yana ♥

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