05 February 2011

Laziness Strikes

Yeszaa , again :) its saturday and I haven't even touch my bags ! (the letter 'S' indicates a lot of bags that I bought home) till now , I didnt start anything yet ;P 

Saturday - Sleep for the whole day , balas dendam
Sunday - Accompany Aliff bought his new handphone
Monday - Picnik and mandi dekat Bagai
Tuesday - Rest at home
Wednesday - Alamanda horeyh
Thursday - Lowyat with sistah
Friday - Spending quality time with Aliff
Saturday - Looking for dress at Mines 
Sunday - Back to hell damn !

Lecturers , please forgive me for not complete your homework ;P terpakse tiru kawan2 lagik (_ _'') SORRY untuk diri sendiri jugak for being unfair ;P kejap lagi nak tengok VD boyeah :)

Love , Yana ♥


RuBiE ZaiNuDdin said...

hehe..same la kita kuncup..;(
tapi maf mesti dh kn..nk pnjm tau..ngee...^_^

Kuncup Here said...

alamak ruby syg , belum siap lagik huhu sumpah janji x buat langsung ! hukhuk org pinjam ruby punye larh ? ok x hihihi :D