17 April 2011

Best Friend of Mine

Woah ! It's been a long time . Really . I didn't have anything to write plus was busy with exams and stuff . I really need to write again . But you know , no matter how bad i want to write something , you just can't simply force it . Because people can tell from the way you write and figure out your mood . Oh yeah , while I'm busy doing my things , I am very grateful that I have a very best friend of mine who always accompany me no matter how busy he is :) his name is zulkifli abu bakar and I know him since I was 7 ! What a long period kann ? Hehe we rarely see each other but we didn't miss to update our hot stories during free time :P 

Thanks zul for all the motivated message and advice . And also thanks for spending your time calling me just for accompany me and helping me with my tutorial hehehehehe :D

Love , Yana ♥

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