13 May 2011

How Long Should I Wait Until The Next Season?

I'm a person who has got no patient, so can anyone tell me when the season 3 of Vampire Diaries will come out? Pleaseee, I'm so dying to see Damon :P I do expect the final episode was hanging exactly just like the previous season, but I cant help myself not to watch the final episode until the next season come out as I do before -,- Oh sounds like I'm a hard fan of this series kan? And yes, I am haha. At this point, I'm very mad and feel like I wanna slap so fast to Klaus's face! His so cruel and so not cool even though most of my friends said that he's kinda cute. I don't even care whether his cute or not. Oh yeah, seems like Steffan going to be wild again like before, I expect that season 3 will be more exciting and have more romantic scene between Elena and Damon, which I loveeeee to watch! HAHA! 

Love , Yana ♥

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aisyah2898 said...

maybe this sept! :)