02 January 2012

New Hopes, New Dreams

Hellooooo peeps! *wave excitedly* 

I am turning 23 this year. I repeat twenty-three (23). Yess dah tua haha. So, welcome new year. Another new year for us to explore and treasure. 2012, please be nice okay? *giggles* This year gonna be my final year as a student. Horey! Unless if I decide to further my studies (which I think that I don't haha) professionally. Howell, like every other years, there was ups and downs in 2011. But still, I am grateful cause I am still breathing up until today, Alhamdulillah. And those are what I looking forward in 2012:

And lots more interesting things to come this year. I am gonna pray hard for that. So how about you guys? All the best :) XOXO

Love , Yana ♥

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