01 December 2010

Dedicate My All :)

Dearest all ,

We might not know when our life will end , true ? So I would like to tell you what is in me now .

The unreplaceable part of me :

Ayah : You are the only daddy in this whole wide world , and I love you to death . I might not be the best child you could ever wish to have , but I tried my best to fulfill your wishes . I guarantee you a 3-pointer every semester and I hope to have full grasp of your love until my last blown breath .

Mama : You are ours to share and mine to own . I love you more than everything though I always mess around . You are the best mama and I wont be able to think straight if I loss you .

Akak Lah : I havent seen you in ages . I wish you best of luck in everything you do . I want more nieces rather than nephew , please ?

Abang : For the love of God , please control your weight :P

Waney : God , this is gonna be a long one . You are the craziest sister that I have ever had . Cool , supporting , courage , determine and a lil bit annoying some other kind HAHA . You are the only sister of mine which not marry yet . That makes us close I guess . But soon , I am gonna have to bear the fact that you will marry one day . IF you are to go to London for honeymoon , hello hello , I am like a small fish waiting to be fed here . IF you are going to move to another house , I am going to be the official permanent resident there , sister . and ohh , IF you wondering , yessss , I do miss you . ALREADY .

Love , Yana ♥

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nice :))