29 December 2010

Minda Manusia Yang Pelik

Past . Sometimes I'm not proud of it . Sometimes I wish I could erase it with just a snap of my fingers . Sometimes I felt embarrased whenever people brought it up . Sometimes I wish I have more money to pay people to shut up . I cannot pretend that they never happened . I'm sorry . You are not the same , not at all . I love you genuinely and straight from the heart . I never intended to see you compare or feel second-graded . To those who it may concern , I adore you and I wish to take care and be taken care of by you . What happened in the past of yours and mine are now beyond our power . With God's will , this will all remain the same , Insyaallah :') And please stop encourage me to remember the PAST .

Love , Yana ♥

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