15 December 2010

The Worst Holiday Ever

1. I spend my holidays without mama because she's visiting akak at Cardiff .
2. I am officially broke since I just have RM50 in my account .
3. I missed the ASC program for the some reason :"(
4. I had a fight with someone .
5. I cannot work during this sem break cause I have to take care of ayah .
6. I do a lot of bad things which I rather to kept to myself what it is .
7. I lied to few person which I concern the most :S
8. I got the worst result ever .
9. I have to wait for my real result as there are problem with the system .
10. I have to do so many things by my self .
11. I just keep repeat the boring routine at home .
12. I don't do much hang out with my friends .
13. I became so angry and senseless person because I am all alone .
14. I hit the gate in front of my house .
15. I just realized that my boyfriend and I didn't have much chemistry .

Please , I need someone to talk to .  * please ignore my grammatical errors since I just cannot think straight :'(

Love , Yana ♥


azzwar said...

ooo dear..y dun u come 2 me..coz i always there 4 me as u do 2 me :))

Kuncup Here said...

erm tanak susah kan kau :'(